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                          浅谈GMAT | 你真的会做句子改错吗?

                          来源:   时间:2020-10-30 11:44:08


                          GMAT官方指南(Official Guide)作为考试官方出版的备考材料,选取过去实战中的原题,体现出GMAC的出题方向和考察内容。
                          1. OG2020句子改错新增题目数量与难度分布

                          2. OG2020句子改错新增题目考查内容分布
                          3. OG2020句子改错部分八大考点总结
                          3.1 Agreement 一致性
                          √:Each of the circuits has its own switch.
                          ×:Each of the circuits have its own switch.
                          √:I threw away the banana and the mango because they were both spoiled.
                          ×:I threw away the banana and the mango because it was both spoiled.
                          The prospects of harnessing Niagara Falls to produce electric power was exciting to Nikola Tesla, the inventor of alternating current, and so he predicted in the mid-1890's that electricity generated at Niagara would one day power the streetcars of London and the streetlights of Paris.
                          3.2 Diction 用词
                          √:I could easily tell that the cat was friendly.
                          ×:I could easy tell that the cat was friendly
                          √:I gave him a good performance rating.
                          ×:I gave himself a good performance rating.
                          √:Fewer deliveries arrived today than yesterday.
                          ×:Less deliveries arrived today than yesterday.
                          √:The editor was sitting in his office all afternoon.
                          ×:The editor was sitting into his office all afternoon.
                          3.3 Grammatical Construction 语法结构
                          √:In any case, the contract is acceptable.
                          ×:In any case is acceptable.
                          √:The weather yesterday was hot, and there were thunderstorms in the evening.
                          ×:The weather yesterday was hot and there were thunderstorms in the evening.
                          the more…,the more…
                          In neither case could I find the needed information.
                          The film I saw last night was boring.
                          Nikola Tesla, the inventor of alternating current, because he was excited with the prospects of harnessing Niagara Falls for producing electric power, he predicted in the mid-1890's that electricity generated at Niagara would one day power the streetcars of London and the streetlights of Paris.
                          3.4 Idiom 固定搭配
                          OG2020对这一考点的解释如下:“Idioms are standard forms of expression that consist of ordinary words but whose uses cannot be inferred from the meanings of their component parts or the basic conventions of grammar and usage.”也就是在英语母语使用者中公认的表达方式。
                          with regard to, depend on
                          as…as, not only…but also
                          give up on, turn out
                          there be
                          all in all
                          3.5 Logical Prediction 有效逻辑
                          √:Concerned that the snake might be venomous, the workers left it in the crate untouched.
                          ×:Concerned that it might be venomous, the snake was left untouched by the workers in the crate.
                          √:After reviewing the report from the consultants, the company may consider changing the logo.
                          ×:After it has reviewed the report from the consultants, the logo may be considered for changing by the company.
                          √:The three types of wildlife most often seen in the park are sparrows, mallards, and squirrels, in that order.
                          ×:The single most often type of wildlife seen in the park is the sparrow, the mallard, and the squirrel, in that order.
                          √:The car was traveling slowly along the highway.
                          ×:The car's speed was traveling slowly along the highway.
                          √:Forecasters said the cold front will move through the region tomorrow.
                          ×:Forecasters, said the cold front, will move through the region tomorrow.
                          √:She has studied Greek and speaks that language in addition to Gujarati.
                          ×:She has studied Greek and speaks it as well as Gujarati.
                          Unlike the nests of leaf cutters and most other ants, situated underground or in pieces of wood, raider ants make a portable nest by entwining their long legs to form "curtains" of ants that hang from logs or boulders, providing protection for the queen and the colony larvae and pupae.
                          3.6 Parallelism 平行结构
                          √:I ate supper, went for a walk, and then visited some friends.
                          ×:I ate supper, then walking, and then visitation of some friends.
                          √:We were impressed not only by the beauty of the inlets and beaches but also by the diversity of the plant life.
                          ×:We were impressed not only by the beauty of the inlets and beaches but also the diversity of the plant life impressed us.
                          √:He mended the torn fabric with a needle and thread.
                          ×:He mended the torn fabric with a needle and mended it with thread.
                          √:Last week we had four meetings, of which the first, second, and third were on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and the last one Friday.
                          ×:Last week we had four meetings of which the last was on Friday, with the first, second, and third being on Thursday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.
                          Just as they recycled ancient Egyptian architectural materials in constructing ancient Greek Alexandria, so ancient Greek materials from the construction of that city were reused in subsequent centuries by Roman, Muslim, and modern builders.
                          3.7 Rhetorical Construction 修辞结构
                          √:We will carefully review your memo and let you know whether we are interested in the solutions you propose.
                          ×:We will "review"--i.e., carefully scrutinize--your memo submitted, letting you know, vis-à-vis the memo's contained proposal details, whether there is interest, on your part, or not, in those.
                          √:In medical diagnosis, influenza can be understood as an acute respiratory infection caused by any of the influenza viruses.
                          ×:In medical diagnosis, influenza can be understood as when a virus affects you.
                          √:We had lunch in the hotel.
                          ×:Lunch was had in the hotel by us.
                          An executive who is heavily committed to a course of action is likely to miss or misinterpret signs of incipient trouble when they do appear, especially if it has worked well in the past.
                          3.8 Verb Form 动词形式
                          √:Having nowhere else to go, I wandered through the airport all day.
                          ×:My having nowhere else to go wandered through the airport all day.
                          √:Widely disliked, the software went unused.
                          ×:To have widely disliked it, the software went unused.
                          √:My colleagues went to find another microphone.
                          ×:My colleagues went find another microphone.
                          Australian embryologists have found evidence to suggest that the elephant had descended from an aquatic animal and its trunk originally evolved as a kind of snorkel.
                          4. OG2020中关于如何看待选项的建议
                          OG2020第762页中有如下一段话“Sometimes you may be able to think of a wording that works better than any of the options presented, but the task is to find the most effective of the available choices within the parameters of the problem posed. ” 也就是说,当看完选项时,也许我们能想出一个比所有选项更好的句子表述方式,但是牢记我们的任务是:在仅有的五个选项中找出最有效的表达。

                           2.GMAT Official Advanced Questions (OAQ) 难题分册

                          1. 难题分册内容介绍
                          GMAC官方出版了一本336页的高阶真题集。官方对这一习题集的介绍是这样的——“Some of these questions have appeared in earlier editions of the GMAT Official Guide series. Others have never been published before.” 也就是说,题目源自历年GMAT考试难题,部分题目源自过去的OG,部分题目至本书出版前未发布过。
                          2. 难题分册题目分布
                          3. 难题分册的使用建议



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